Our Strategy

Libya Holdings is a company that was established to take advantage of the emerging investment opportunities that developed in Libya following the revolution and that are still developing.

Libya Holdings helps to facilitate the growth and development of commercial enterprise in Libya by forming strategic partnerships with international and domestic companies in targeted industry sectors, including oil & gas, infrastructure and financial services.

The focus of activities for Libya Holdings has been in providing its commercial partners with the local knowledge, network of contacts, operational support and seed capital for co-investments that will be required to create and grow successful enterprises in Libya.

Since 2015 Libya Holdings and its partner companies have facilitated the growth and development of:

  • The Libyan Cement Company; the largest producer of cement in Eastern Libya with plants in Benghazi, El Fataiah and Hawari.
  • LORASCO; a leading private sector drilling services business, servicing oil companies.
  • Ghibli Manpower Services; A partnership with the Scirocco Group that provides specialist manpower and business services to the Oil & Gas, power construction, communication and logistics sectors.