Our Strategy

Libya Holdings is a company that has been established to take advantage of the emerging investment opportunities that will develop in Libya following the recent revolution.

Libya Holdings will help facilitate the growth and development of commercial enterprise in Libya by forming strategic partnerships with international and domestic companies in targeted industry sectors, including oil & gas, infrastructure and financial services.

The focus of activities for Libya Holdings will be to provide its commercial partners with the local knowledge, network of contacts, operational support and seed capital for co-investments that will be required to create and grow successful enterprises in Libya.

The Need For A Local Partner

  • The parallels between the Libya of today and the GCC countries of the 1960’s are striking.
  • Libya is a difficult market to penetrate because:
    • Legislation: Very restrictive foreign ownership and investment rules in Libya.
    • Landscape: Libya is a complex environment for foreign companies to operate in and they therefore require the assistance of a local partner to navigate this business landscape.
    • Post-revolution: A re-shuffling of the deck of economic and political players means that even those international companies that have past experience in Libya now find a host of new faces to interact with locally.